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METKON chop cutting machines METACUT series are  designed  for wet cutting of large and small, regularly or irregularly shaped work pieces  of  metallic, ceramic or composite materials. METACUT 250 has the capacity to cut solid sections up to 90 mm in diameter.

The cutting  capacity of METACUT 300 is 110 mm and of METACUT  350  is 130 mm. The side access  port  permits  the sectioning of extra-long work pieces, as well.

Metacut M250
Metacut M300
Metacut M350
Metacut Metacut M250

Abrasive Cutting Machine, 4 HP compact motor, electronic brake system, cutting capacity up to 90 mm solid stock, for cut-off wheels up to Ø 250 mm, twin T-slotted  clamping table made of stainless steel, bottom part as rugged alloy base casting,  GRP protective  hood, 80 lt. recirculating cooling unit.

Includes a standard set of cutting consumables composed of; an assortment of 20 cut-off wheels with 250 mm dia. and 5 lt. of Metcool cooling fluid.








Order Code 10 01
Model Metacut 250
Cutting Power kW (S1) 2,2
Cutting Power kW (S3) 3
Wheel Speed, rpm 2800
Operation Manual
Wheel Diameter, (mm) ø250
Cutting Capacity, ø (mm) ø90
Cutting Capacity, # (mm) 60x135
T-Slot table dimension, mm (WxD) 212x232
T-Slot dimension, (mm) 12
Size, WxDxH, (cm) 71x70x54
Weight, (kgs) 126
Cooling Unit, (lt) 80


     Clamping Devices for METACUT 250
GR 0012   Quick Acting Clamping  Vise Assembly, Right, (Stainless Steel )
GR 0013   Quick Acting Clamping  Vise Assembly, Left, (Stainless Steel )
GR 0151   Compact Vise Assembly, Spring Loaded, (Stainless Steel )
15 01   MBU 1011 Vertical  Clamping Device with clamping shoe, upto 90mm.
15 03   MK 10 21 Height Block, 60 mm
GR 0453    Fastener vise for longitudinal sectioning of screws,fasteners
    tubes, etc. from 12 to 45 mm. in length
     Accessories for METACUT 250 
10 11   Cabinet for floor model, MTC 250.


Treno Series Abrasive Cut-off Wheels (Pack of 10)
Code   Order No   Description
TRENO-NF   19-020   Ø 250 mm, for Non-Ferrous Steels
TRENO-H   19-021   Ø 250 mm, for Soft Steels < 23 HRC 
TRENO-M   19-022   Ø 250 mm, for Medium Hard Steels > 23-55 HRC <
TRENO-S   19-023   Ø 250 mm, for Hard Steels > 50-60 HRC <
TRENO-SS   19-024   Ø 250 mm, for Very Hard Steels > 60 HRC
Cuto Series Abrasive Cut-off Wheels (Pack of 10)
CUTO-M   19-022/A   Ø 250 mm, for Soft&Medium Hard Steels Upto 50HRC
CUTO-S   19-023/A   Ø 250 mm, for Hard Steels > 50-60 HRC <
Diamond Cut-off Wheels (1pc)
DIMOS   19-250   ø 250 Diamond Cut-off wheels  (Metal Bonded)
DIMOS   19-251   ø 250 Diamond Cut-off wheels  (Resin Bonded)
Cutting Fluid
METCOOL   19-902   Nature Friendly  Soluble Oil, 5 lt.