Center of Testing Machine in Indonesia

In order to obtain a highly reflective surface that is free from scratches and deformation, the specimens must be carefully grinded and polished before they can be examined under the microscope. Metkon offers high quality instruments and consumables for achieving this goal.

FORCIPOL Series of instruments are available as Single wheel and Dual wheel Units (200/250/300 mm wheel size).   Both single or double wheel versions are available with variable rotating speeds with digital display. This allows the setting of the optimum speed for each individual preparation process.
When the number of specimens to be prepared increases, FORCIPOL instruments can be fitted with FORCIMAT automatic head for automation. FORCIMAT automatic head provides high rate of sample preparation and frees the operator from the grinding and polishing procedures.
All FORCIPOL series includes a standard set of grinding & polishing consumables; an assortment of 100 grinding papers(various grits), 5 polishing cloths, Diamond suspensions and lubricant.