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The Light Optical Microscope is the most important tool for the study of microstructures.
All examinations of microstructure begins with use of the light microscope, starting at low magnification, followed by progressively higher magnifications for efficient assessment of the basic characteristics of the microstructure.
Most microstructures can be observed with the light microscope and identified based in their characteristics. 

IMM 901 Metallurgy Microscope
Hardware Set
Mesura 200
Grano 200
Nodula 200
Microscope IMM 901 Metallurgy Microscope

The model IMM 901 series metallurgical microscopes are used for identification and analysis of the structures of different metals and alloys. They are important instruments for the research of metallography. They can be used for quality research of foundry, smelt and heat treatment, for testing of raw and processed materials or for analysis of heat treatment materials. They are ideal instrument for scientific research, teaching, factories and so on. The model IMM 901 series can be taken upload pictures for the atlas of metallography, with selecting special photography device.

Technical Specification:

Model IMM 901
Order Code 60 01
Basic Magnification 100x - 1000x
Eyepieces WF10x eyepieces paired (field of view ø16 mm )
Objectives 10x/0.25 (W.D. 6.7mm), 20x/0.40 (W.D. 0.76mm)
40x/0.65 (W.D. 0.67mm), 100x/1.25 (W.D. 0.3mm),
Stage Mechanical stage 200x 152mm travel with right hand Coaxial drop-down controls, movable range 15 x 15 mm
Focusing Coaxial low position coarse & fine focus controls graduated to 2 microns per divison.
Illumination 6V 20W adjustable light sources with halogen lamp
Dimensions, mm 540 x 195 x 320
Weight, kg 9 kg


Order Code   Description
60 11    Ocular WF 12,5 X for IMM
60 12    WF 10x with reticles ( 1 mm  with 100 divisions )for IMM
60 22   Stage micrometer for IMM, Reticle, 1 mm with 100 divisions
GR 0415   Eyepiece , WF 10x , with ASTM Grain Size E112