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After cutting the specimen, the next step is mounting. The aim of mounting is to handle small or odd shaped specimens and to protect fragile materials, thin layers or coating during preparation as well as to provide good edge retention. Mounting produces specimens with uniform size so that it is easier to handle in automatic holders for further preparation steps. 
Basically, two methods are available: 
      • Hot Mounting
         In hot mounting, the specimen is mounted under heat and pressure with a hot mounting press.
      • Cold Mounting
        Cold mounting is preferred for samples which are sensitive to damage from heat and pressure (like coatings, PCB, etc.). Cold mounting resins are easy to use and require mixing which is then poured into a mold and allowed to set.

Ecopress 100
Ecopress 50
Ecopress 200
Mounting Ecopress 100

Programmable Automatic Mounting Press with one cylinder, 5,7" HMI touch screen control, program based mounting sequences, electro hydraulic pressure (requires no air), pressure up to 330 bar, temperature  up to 190 oC, operation time up to 59:99  minutes, short cycle time,  thermostatically controlled  heating power of 1600W, automatic cooling cycle with  two modes of cooling rates (fast cooling and slow cooling), programmable preheating and preloading, selectable mould sizes from 25 mm to 50 mm, audible  warning  signal. Includes a standard set of mounting consumables composed of 3 different (BAK-R / EPO / NET) hot mounting compounds; 1 kg of each and a total of 3 kg.





Model ECOPRESS 100
Order Code 25 07
Number of moulds 1
Max Pressure, (bar) 300
Max. Temprature, ( 0C ) 200
Heating Power, (W) 1250
Water cooling Yes
Operation Automatic / Electrohydraulic
Display 5,7'' HMI touch screen LCD
Mould Assembly, (mm) 25-50


Optional Accessories:

Mould Assemblies 
26 01-02   Mould assembly, 1" with intermediate ram
26 02-02   Mould assembly, 1 1/4" with intermediate ram
26 03-02   Mould assembly, 1 1/2" with intermediate ram
26 07-02   Mould assembly, 2" with intermediate ram
26 04-02   Mould assembly, 25 mm with intermediate ram
26 05-02   Mould assembly, 30 mm with intermediate ram
26 06-02   Mould assembly, 40 mm with intermediate ram
26 08-02   Mould assembly, 50 mm with intermediate ram
Accessories for ECOPRESS
GR 1363   Recirculating Coolant System, 40 lt. stainless steel


Code   Order No   Description
BAK-B   29-001   Black Phenolic Powder,1 kg.
BAK-B   29-001/10 Black Phenolic Powder,10 kg.
BAK-R   29-002   Red Phenolic Powder, 1 kg.
BAK-R   29-002/10 Red Phenolic Powder, 10 kg.
NET   29-010   Transparent Acrylic Powder, 1 kg.
EPO   29-011   Epoxy, Hard 1 kg.
DAP   29-012   Diallyphtalat, 1 kg.