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GEO Line for Petrography

A complete range of instruments for petrographic sample preparation, starting with a piece of rock and finishing at 20 microns...
This exciting product range offers you the latest in technology and functional design to provide high levels of performance in preparation of mineralogical samples and thin section specimens.
For mineralogical specimens, the surface is prepared for examination with a reflected light microscope and the preparation procedure is basically similar to the preparation of metallographic specimens.
Preparing thin sections, on the other hand, requires highly specialized equipment and skills because the specimen is extremely thin, generally around 20 microns for observations with transmitted light microscope.

Forcipol 300-1V
Geoline Geocut

Geological Cutting Machine, for sectioning of rock, ceramics, minerals, glass, concrete etc., with Z-axis cutting wheel positioning and table-feed cutting system, manual positioning of the specimen in X and Y axis, X-Y table bed and cross feed table for cutting of plane parallel sections, mechanical display of cutting thickness, cutting capacity up to 90/100 mm solid stock, for  diamond wheels up to 250/300mm,  6,4 HP  compact cutting motor, electronic brake system, interlocking safety switch for hood, bottom part as rugged alloy base casting, ready  for operation. Without clamping devices.


Order Code 14 03
Chop Cutting, Z Axis Manual
Table Feed Cutting, Y Axis Manual
Parallel Cutting, X Axis Manual
Wheel Diameter, (mm) Ø300 - Ø250
Cutting Capacity Ø250, (mm) Ø85
Cutting Capacity  Ø300, (mm) Ø110
Cutting Capacity  Ø300, # (mm) 70 x 200
Y Axis Travel, (mm) 225 mm
X Axis Travel, (mm) 70 mm
Z Axis Travel, (mm) 125 mm
T-Slot table dimension, mm (WxD) 380 x 250
T-Slot dimension, (mm) 12
Cutting Power kW (S1) 4
Cutting Power kW (S3) 5,1
Wheel Speed, rpm 2850
Size, WxDxH, (cm) 93 x 93 x 63
Size, WxDxH, (cm) (with cabinet) 93 x 93 x 139
Weight, (kgs) 210
Cooling Unit, (lt) 100
Order Code   Description
GR 1394   Ricurcilating coolant tank, stainless steel, 40 lt. capacity, with pump
GR 1811   Quick Clamping Device for round petrographic specimens
GR 1812   Universal vise for large specimens,rocks,etc.
15 05   KKP 040 Vertical Clamping Device, with clamp.shoe
Code   Orde No   Description
Diamond Cutting Discs (1 pcs.)
DIMOS   19-252   ø 250 Diamond Cut-off wheels for hard petrographic applications
DIMOS   19-302   ø 300 Diamond Cut-off wheels for hard petrographic applications