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Optical emission spectrometry (OES) and X-Ray fluorescence are most commonly used techniques for the analysis of metals and solid samples.

Sample preparation of metals and materials have become more and more important because of the rapid development and improvement of both software as well as OES and XRF-devices during the past few years that shifts the detection limit for trace analyses. It is crucial to have the sample properly prepared.
The sample needs to be both representative, homogeneous and with an even surface in order to eliminate factors that can influence the results.
For the preparation of solid metal samples METKON offers manual and automatic sample preparation machines - from the small table-top disc surface grinder to automatic milling machine. With METKON Sample Preparation Machines, you feel yourself ready for the analysis.

Spectral 250
Spectral 350
Spectral PG
Spectral MM
Spectral Spectral 250

Table-top Surface Grinder for spectroscopic sample preparation of steels and irons, vibration-free construction, robust steel housing, strong 1,1 kW motor, working disc of 250 mm dia., a rapid stop of the turning disc, suction created by special design retaining the abrasive paper on the disk(no need to glue or fix), disc covered halfway by lid allowing grinding only on a segment, spark trap, dust box and standard outlet for exhauster, easy to clean and ready for operation.


Order Code 80 00
Model SPECTRAL 250
No. Of Stations 1
Disc Dia., mm 250
Disc Speed, (rpm) 1400
Motor Power, kW 1,1
Dimensions WxDxH (cm) 35 x 45 x 33
Weight (kgs) 40
Order Code   Description
GR 1804   Sample Holder for round specimens, Magnetic type.
GR 1805   Sample Holder for round specimens, Mechanical type
Code   Order No.   Description
DEMPAX-S   37-040-60-22   Ø250 Disc, P 60 Grit, Corundum, general use, soft medium-hard materials
DEMPAX-SZ   36-040-60-22   Ø250 Disc, P 60 Grit, Zirconium oxide, long life time, hard materials