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HT-8029 Water Bath Tester
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HT-8043 Freezing Tester
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HT-8053 Softening Point Tester
HT-8150 Low Temp. Brittleness Tester
HT-8622 Heat Gradient Tester
Cable & Wire HT-8029 Water Bath Tester

CNS-3143, 740, 3479, ASTM-D1693
This tester is used to test the water resistance of the material such as enameled copper wire, insulating sheath...etc.
Within a certain period of time, the specimen is being soaked in the hot water in order to study the degenerating condition such as blistering, fading, swelling, etc. In addition, the test method is expected to further calculate the changes in weight while under such as condition.

Temperature Rt~100°C
Bath capacity lid opening 30x30x20 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 65x43x35 cm
Net weight Approx. 17 kg
Power source 1phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz