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Hung Ta - Fiber Optic Testing

HT-8760 Computer Fiber Tensile Squeeze Tester
HT-8761 Fiber Continuous Flexing Tester
HT-8762 Fiber Continuous Impact Tester
HT-8762E Fiber Con Tinuous Impact Tester
HT-8763 Fiber Auto Torsion Tester
Fiber Optic Cable HT-8760 Computer Fiber Tensile Squeeze Tester

Specially designed for conducting the tensile and squeeze test of optical fiber cables. Completed with leading wheel and winding roller, the space of test location can be minimized.
This machine can be operated independently or got on line with the computer for the mode of automatic operation.

User-friendly Test program is developed by Hung Ta, which is easy to be operated. Client has to purchase power meter so that it can get on-line with the computer system.

Capacity 500,1000 or 2000kgs
Standards applied IEC794-1-E1 & E3, FOTP-33 & 41, CNS 12083-C6297
Specimen length 150 Meter
Diameter of leading wheel 20D (optional 24D or 30D)
Method of driving Servo motor driving system
Squeeze force 0-200 kgf/mm settable
Squeeze speed 2.54-38 mm/min
Size of compression platens 100x100 mm
Power 1phase, 220V, 50/60Hz
Test time 10min, settable, max.99 min
Max. test stroke 1000 mm, including tensile grips, duplicate wheel set, triple wheel set,quadruplicate wheel set and winding roller
Hardness of compression platens HRB 90°, R6 at both ends
Standard Accessoories
1. Compression cage
2. Winding roller and base
3. Leading wheel set (depending on the cable diameters)
a. Duplicate(depends on actual requirements)
b. Triple
c. Quadruplicate
4. Leading wheel collect racket
5. Computer System(Power Meter excluded)—Hardware's specifications would be determined at the time of order.
6. Color ink jet printer
7. Computer table
8. Remark:The Power Meter and some samples have to be supplied by buyer for a trial running before delivery.