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Hung Ta - Tire Testing

HT-2811 Radial Fatigue Testing Machine
HT-2706TF 5 in 1 Tire Stiffness Testing Machine
Tire & Rims HT-2811 Radial Fatigue Testing Machine

This testing machine is able to conduct radial fatigue tests against road wheels samples as per the standards of CNS, JIS, SAE, STVZO and ISO.

Capacity 20 kN / 50 kN / 100 kN or as request
Size of road wheel 400 – 1400 mm or as request
Diameter of steel drum 1708 mm, 1751 mm or as request
Width of steel drum 500 mm or as request
Test speed maximum (A) 100 km/hr        
(B) 350 km/hr
(C) or as request
Driving of steel wheel ±100 mm25 HP / 50 HP / 75 HP
Optional functions (A) slip angle ±15°
(B) camber angel: ±5°
Optional accessories (A) Protection shield
(B) chilled air cooling system
(C) Road wheel fixtures (PCD)
Power 3 phase; 380/400/415/440 V; 50/60 Hz